Listen, we totally get it. This is your special day and you deserve to not only love your vendors' work but to enjoy them as well! Let's pretend this is our first double date and get to know each other a little bit ;) 
We can't wait to meet you and hear all about your sweet love story! 

We're Lucas + Kaitlyn!

Hello friend!

We value intimacy, connection and the love that lasts.

Love, The Tomblins

We met through a mutual friend in a prayer room in Lubbock, Texas, which is where both of us are originally from. We went on our first date 3 days after we met, at the classiest IHOP in town of course, and instantly hit it off. Lucas proposed in the most romantic way just 4 short months after that day, and we were married 5 months later.
 We meant business! 

 Whenever Lucas isn't behind the camera or editing, you can usually find him with his face in a book, watching an adventurous movie, or playing one of his many instruments... in a cabin in the mountains of course ;)
He is absolutely brilliant when it comes to capturing all of the laughs, the real life tears streaming down your face, or those crazy dance floor moves.   

In a perfect world, Kaitlyn is at the beach somewhere with a fiction war novel in her left hand and a lavender iced matcha in the other. She's 100% the hype woman that you've all been needing, loves big, and is a queen of making you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.   

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food for a date night out
Thai Chicken
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LucAS     VS.     KAITLYN
Mary Poppins
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feel like we're a perfect match already?

feel like we're a
perfect match already?

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